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What Influencers and Clients saying...


"Brent is the real deal!  He is extremely effective both one on one and in front of large groups.  Brent's military background, business experience, and ministry leadership make for a powerful combination in helping individuals." 

Tom Ziglar

CEO Ziglar Inc.

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"As I consider my experience with Brent a few words come to mind; Integrity, Consistency, and focus ... If you are seeking a coach ... Brent is the guy."

Michael Norton

CEO Tramazing

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"Energetic, consistent, persistent solution oriented professional with the ability to give all of himself for the betterment of others."

Tony Grant

U.S Navy Ret. SCPO-E8

"I can think of no other person who has impacted my life more both professionally and personally than Coach Brent.  It has now been 18 years since I first met Brent and I still apply the principles I learned from him in my everyday life as a husband, father and as a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy."

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Chris August

U.S Navy Ret. CPO-E7

"I was ready to give up. I now have hope for our marriage.  It seems to be about the right tools, and Brent has those. I highly recommend Brent as not just a marriage coach but a life coach."


Teresa McGilvray 

Insurance Underwriter


"Before Brent, we had the feeling that things would probably always stay the same (up and down).  Since Brent came into our lives, God has empowered us to lay the foundation for a brand-new way of living for our family." 

Jonathan Marshall


"Brent gave us the tools we needed to discover and break free from limiting habits while helping us to clarify and achieve our goals." 


Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Robles



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